Ammianus Marcellinus Online Project
Ammianus’s history is an important source for the fourth-century Roman empire. This page is dedicated to that work.
Bible, Judaism, Christianity via Google Book Search
This site has links to several classic books on the early church, many of which relate to the Arian controversy. Patrologia Graeca and Patrologia Latina contents and links to select volumes are also included.
Bibliographies for the Study of Early Christianity & Patristic Theology
The page in Fr. William Harmless’s website that is dedicated to the study of the Early Church. This website lists books connected the Fourth Century, including several sections dedicated to Patristic writers.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
This well known and valuable site contains the entire Nicene/Post Nicene Father series (with free supplemental material to the series), as well as a treasure-trove of other material including the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.
The “Chronography/Calendar of 354 A.D.”
This page is devoted to an important fourth-century codex. It contains detailed manuscript information, photographs and reproductions of the text.
De Imperatoribus Romanis
(taken from the introductory page) An online dictionary of Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine XI Palaeologus (1449-1453). The encyclopedia consists of (1) an index of all the emperors who ruled during the empire’s 1500 years, (2) a growing number of biographical essays on the individual emperors, (3) family trees (“stemmata”) of important imperial dynasties, (4) an index of significant battles in the empire’s history, (5) a growing number of capsule descriptions and maps of these battles, and (6) maps of the empire at different times. Wherever possible, these materials are cross-referenced by live links. These contents are supplemented by an ancient and medieval atlas, a link to a virtual catalog of Roman coins, and other recommended links to related sites. The contents of DIR have been prepared by scholars but are meant to be accessible to non-specialists as well. They have been peer- reviewed for quality and accuracy before publication on this site.
Decretal of Pope Siricius
Documenta Catholica Omnia
Many early Christian texts have been digitized for this site. Most of them are taken from older editions with expired copyrights.
Early Christian Writings
This site contains bibliographies, and links to online resources on a range of topics dealing with the early church.
This site contains bibliographies, studies, and links to online resources on a range of topics dealing with the early church.
The Great Stemma
This site, created by Jean-Baptiste Piggin, provides information on the history of the Great Stemma (a chart of Roman history and biblical genealogy), complete with graphic reconstructions. His paper argues that it dates from before 427.
Access to all Loebs in the form of PDF’s.
Martyrologies and Church Calendars
Monastic Manuscript Project
 This site, created by Albrecht Diem, contains manuscripts and other useful tools for the study of early medieval monasticism.
Selected Letters of Constantine
This site has English translations of several of Constantine’s letters from 313 to 324.
Syriac Tools and Resources
A website that compiles resources and information for working with biblical Syriac texts.
The Tertullian Project
This site contains studies, texts, and translations of Tertullian, who was a third-century Christian Latin writer. But they also have a page devoted to other fathers which contains many translations of fourth-century works.
Timeline of the Arian controversy

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