Below is a listing of abbreviations commonly used on Fourth Century Christianity.

Also available is a collection of patristic abbreviations.

ACO Acta conciliorum oecumenicorum, E. Schwartz
Ammianus Ammianus Marcellinus, Res Gestae
Athanasius, Hist. Ar. Athanasius, Historia Arianorum
Athanasius, Apol. contra Ar. Athanasius, Apologia contra Arianos
AW III2 Athanasius Werke – the forthcoming Dritte Lieferung von Band III (See our contents page on the AW for more information.)
Ayers Ayres, Lewis. Nicaea and its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.
Baluzius Baluzius, Miscellanea, ed. Mansi. (Lucae 1761), foll. 1-4.
Baronius Caesar Baronius, Annales Ecclesiastici a Christo Nato ad Annum 1198, vol. 1-12. Rome: Typographia Vaticana, 1589-.
CCSL Corpus Christianorum Series Latina
CChr.SL Corpus Christianorum Series Latina
CI Codex Iustinianus
CLA Christianity in Late Antiquity. Bart D. Ehrman and Andrew S. Jacobs. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. (References are to document number, not page number.)
Coleman Coleman-Norton, P.R. Roman State and Christian Church. London: SPCK, 1966.
Coustant P. Coustant, Epistolae Romanorum Pontificum: Et Quae Ad Eos Scriptae Sunt, a S. Clemente I. Usque Ad Innocentium III … Tomus 1, Ab Anno Christi 67 Ad Annum 440. (Paris, 1721).
CPL Dekkers, E., & Gaar, Aem., Clauis Patrum Latinorum, Editio altera, (SE, III), Steenbrugge, 1961.
CPG Clavis Patrum Graecorum, Volumen II: Ab Athanasio ad Chrysostomum. Mauritius Geerard. Turnhout: Brepolis, 1974.
CS Constitutiones Sirmondianae
CSEL Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiastorum Latinorum. Wein, 1866-
CT Codex Theodosianus
Diercks G.F. Diercks, Luciferi Calaritani Opera quae Supersunt (Turnhout 1978)
Doc. A reference to the documents found in Dokumente zur Geschichte des arianischen Streites, eds. H.C. Brennecke, U. Heil, A. Von Stockhausen and A. Wintjes, Athanasius Werke band 3, teil 2, lieferung 3 (Berlin and New York: W. de Gruyter, 2007).
Duff J. Duff, ed., The Letters of Saint Jerome (Dublin 1942)
EOMIA Ecclesiae Occidentalis Monumenta Iuris Antiquissima (9 volumes by C. H. Turner, published 1899-1939) contents listed by FCC
Ep. Epistula (Latin) – letter
FRE / Fremantle W.H. Fremantle, G. Lewis, W.G. Martley. Jerome: Letters and Selected Works: A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, Second Series, Vol. 6. New York and Oxford: Christian Literature Publishing Company, 1893.
FC Fathers of the Church (Catholic University of America Press)
FCC Fourth Century Christianity website.
GCS Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller
Greenslade S.L. Greenslade ed. and trans., Early Latin Theology: Selections from Tertullian, Cyprian, Ambrose, and Jerome, The Library of Christian Classics, vol. 5 (Philadelphia 1956)
H.e. / Hist. eccl. Historia ecclesiastica (Latin) – church history
Haenel G. Haenel, Corpus Legum ab Imperatoribus Romanis ante Iustinianum Latarum, 2 parts in 1 volume (Leipzig, 1857-60)
R.P.C. Hanson. The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1988.
Hefele K. Hefele, Conciliengeschichte: Nach Den Quellen Bearb. (Freiburg im B., 1873).
Hilary, Frag. hist. Hilary of Poitiers, Fragmenta historica (Feder ed., CSEL 65).
Hinschius, Ps.-Isid. Paul Hinschius, Decretales Pseudo-Isidorianae (Leipzig, 1863).
Ivo Decr. Ivo of Chartres, Decretum, Migne, ed., Patrologia Latina vol. 161 (Paris 1889).
Jackson Blomfield Jackson, The Ecclesiastical History, Dialogues, and Letters of Theodoret, NPNF series 2, vol. 3 (New York 1892).
JK Jaffé, P., Wattenbach, W., Loewenfeld, S., Kaltenbrunner, F., & Ewald, P. Regesta pontificum romanorum ab condita ecclesia ad annum post Christum natum MCXCVIII. Lipsiae: Veit, 1885.
Labbe Philippe Labbe, and Gabriel Cossart. Sacrosancta concilia ad Regiam editionem exacta: quæ nunc quarta parte prodit auctior. Lutetiæ Parisiorum: Impensis Societatis Typographicæ Librorum Ecclesiasticorum  ussu Regis constitutæ, 1671.
Lambert B. Lambert, Bibliotheca Hieronymiana Manuscripta, i-iv, Steenbrugge, 1969-1972 (= Instr. Patr., iv).
Lib. Pontif. Liber Pontificalis
Lucifer’s Works G.F. Diercks, Luciferi Calaritani Opera quae supersunt, CChr.SL vol. 9 (Turnholti, 1978).
Mansi G. Mansi, Sacrorum Conciliorum Nova, Et Amplissima Collectio: (Florence, 1759-).
Mierow C. Mierow, trans., The Letters of Saint Jerome, introduction and notes by T. Lawler, Ancient Christian Writers, no. 33 (New York, 1963)
Mommsen T. Mommsen, Römisches Staatsrecht (Leipzig 1874).
Mss. Manuscripts
New Eusebius W.H.C. Frend, Ed. A New Eusebius: Documents Illustrating the History of the Church to AD 337. Revised Edition Cambridge University Press, 1987
NPNF1 Nicene/Post-Nicene Fathers, first series.
NPNF2 Nicene/Post-Nicene Fathers, second series.
NV Nouella Valentiniani
Parvis Sarah Parvis . Marcellus of Ancyra And the Lost Years of the Arian Controversy 325-345. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.
Pitra Analecta sacra spicilegio Solesmensi parata. Johannes Baptista Pitra, ed. . Jouby and Roger Bibliopolis, 1876-
PG J.P. Migne ed., Patrologia Graeca (161 volumes, 1857-1866)
PL J.P. Migne, ed., Patrologia Latina (217 volumes, 1844-1855).
PLS A. Hamman, ed., Patrologiae Latinae Supplementum (5 volumes, 1958-1974).
Rebenich Stefan Rebenich, Jerome (London and New York 2002)
Richard Marcel Richard, Opera Minora vol. 1, (Turnhout: Brepolis, 1976)
Robinson Archibald Robertson, Select Writings and Letters of Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, NPNF, series 2, vol. 4 (New York 1892).
SC Sources chrétiennes
Schoene Alfred Schoene. Eusebi Chronicorum libri duo. (Berolini: Weidmannos, 1875).
Schulthess Fredrich Schulthess, “Die syrischen Kanones der Synoden von Nicaea bis Chalcedon.” Abhandlungen der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Philologisch-Historische Klasse N.F. 10, no. 2 (Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1908)
Schwartz E. Schwartz, “Zur Geschichte des Athanasius.” Nachrichten von der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften und der Georg-Augusts-Universität zu Göttingen,Philologisch-Historische Klasse (Gottingen: Luder HorStegmüllerann, Jahre 1905)
Stegmüller F. Stegmüller, Repertorium Biblicum Medii Aeui, i sqq., Madrid, 1950 sqq., cum duobus Supplementis (conspectus utilis operum et nonnullorum codicum).
TLG Thesaurus Linguae Graecae – an online collection of ancient Greek writings. Full access requires a subscription, see their webpage.
Urk., Urkunde Urkunde, the German word for “document” or “source”, specifically referring to the document number H.-G. Opitz, Urkunden zur Geschichte des arianischen Streites, 318-328, Athanasius’ Werke, band 3 (Berlin: W. de Gruyter, 1934).
vers. versio (Latin) – version
Vignoli G. Vignoli, Liber Pontificalis (Rome, 1724).
Williams Rowan Williams. Arius: Heresy and Tradition. Revised Edition. Grand Rapids: Eerdman’s, 2002.
Wright F. A. Wright, Select Letters of St. Jerome, Loeb Classical Library
Zenos A.C. Zenos trans. The Ecclesiastical History of Socrates Scholasticus, NPNF, series 2, volume 2. New York: 1890 pp. 1-178.

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