Falsely Attributed to Gelasius of Cyzicus

Short Synopsis of the Work
The Anonymous Church History covers the years of Constantine’s reign up to the Synod of Tyre (c. 305-335) and focuses on the Council of Nicaea. With the help of a variety of sources, the anonymous author composed this history around the year 475 to defend the Nicene faith against the Monophysite heresy of Eutyches (c. 380-c. 456). While this work has often been criticized because large chunks of it were copied from other sources and much of the author’s presentation of the Council of Nicaea appears to be fictitious, it still retains some value because it contains fragments of older sources which are no longer extant, includes seemingly more authentic copies of letters found in other historical sources, such as Athanasius’s letter to Constantine, and gives us insights into how the events of the 4th century and the Council of Nicaea were recalled and used to justify theological beliefs just one century later.

Our Translation
Our translation of the Anonymous Church History is, to our knowledge, the first-ever English translation of this work. At the present, Book 1 in its entirety is available, and chapters of Book 2 and Book 3 are being added as they are translated. This Outline of the Anonymous Church History allows you to see and read the chapters of the work which have been translated. The translation is based on the the Greek text in Hansen’s 2002 GCS edition. For a list of all the other editions, translations, and resources which were referenced throughout the translation process, click here.

While much time and research has gone into this translation, it is still in many ways a draft translation. Therefore, we encourage users to contact us with corrections and suggested improvements. Comments can be sent to fourthcentury@wlc.edu or glen.thompson@wlc.edu.

More Information
For more information on the historical background, purpose, sources, structure and content, importance, and our translation of the Anonymous Church History, click here.


Incipit: Σύνταγμα τῆς ἐν Νικαίᾳ ἁγίας συνόδου
Date: c. 475
CPG: 6034
TLG: 2768.001
Early editions: Balfour, Robert, ed. Gelasii Cyziceni commentarius actorum Nicaeni Concilii, cum corollario Theodori Presbyteri, de Incarnatione Domini. Paris: Federic Morell, 1599.

Heinemann, M. and G. Loeschcke, ed. Gelasius. Kirchengeschichte. GCS 28. Leipzig: Hinrichs, 1918.

Early version: Robert Balfour, Latin (Paris, 1599)
Most recent Greek edition: Hansen, G.C. ed. Anonyme Kirchengeschichte:(Gelasius Cyzicenus, CPG 6034). GCS, N.F. 9. Berlin: DeGruyter, 2002.
English Translation: Jensen, N. trans. Anonymous Church History: Book 12017.



Hansen, G.C. ed. Anonyme Kirchengeschichte:(Gelasius Cyzicenus, CPG 6034). GCS, N.F. 9. Berlin: DeGruyter, 2002.


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