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What’s New
Recent Additions lists the most recent additions and updates to the Fourth Century Christianity (FCC) website
Bibliographical Helps – a list of several dozen of the most important resources for the study of the fourth century, including the abbreviations used on this site when they are cited
Chronological charts – some of the more important chronological charts and lists on the site
Early Christian Councils contains a list of early church councils from A.D. 253-431.
Early Egyptian Monasticism This student project revolves around a hypothetical map of a Pachomian monastery, but also lists the positions and areas of a Pachomian monastery, based on the rules of Pachomius.
Imperial Laws and Letters – A complete list of the over 500 surviving imperial laws and letters dealing with religion in the Roman Empire, dating between A.D. 311-431.
Patristic Writers of the Fourth Century – Extensive lists of known Christian writers of the fourth century. Also lists of the surviving works of some of these writers.
Primary Texts
Collectio Avellana page gives brief information on the Avellana, a link to download the Avellana from Google Books, and a summary of all the Avellana’s documents dealing with the fourth century.
Conciliar Creeds of the Fourth Century contains a list and translations of the known conciliar creeds from the fourth century
Documents Concerning the Melitian Schism contains a chart listing reference numbers, descriptions, ancient sources and English translations of the extant documents of the Melitian Schism from c. A.D. 303-335
Documents of the Early Arian Controversy contains charts listing reference numbers, descriptions, ancient sources and published English translations of the extant documents of the Arian Controversy from 318-333. Charts compare the chronology as argued by Opitz in his Urkunden (1934) and in the revised version of Athanasius’ Werke (2007).  Translations and brief notes are provided for each document.
Fourth Century Papacy contains material related to the bishops of Rome in the fourth century.
Marcellus of Ancyra Fragments contains translations of 128 of the surviving fragments of the writings of Marcellus of Ancyra.
Website Related
Abbreviations lists the abbreviations used in the website with bibliographic information.
Links to other websites with useful information relating to fourth-century Christianity.
Site Contributors  complete list of the contributors to this site as identified by the initials on each page.

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