Latin Title: De proditione Iudae homiliae 1-2
Reference: CPG 4336
PG 49, 373-392
Savile 5, 523-529
Incipit: Ὀλίγα ἀνάγκη σήμερον πρὸς τὴν ὑμετέραν
Date: 388 (Baur)
Greek Text: PG 49, 373-392
Other Ancient Versions: Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Georgian, Arabic, and Old Slavic (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 501)
Other Modern Translations: Romanian and French (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)
Notes: Baur believes Chrysostom preached the first sermon on Maundy Thursday 388. He does not mention when he thinks the second was preached.

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