Latin Title: De diabolo tentatore homiliae 1-3
Reference: CPG 4332
PG 49, 241-276
Savile 6, 680-695, 844-851
Incipit: Ἐγὼ μὲν ἤλπιζον τῇ συνεχείᾳ τῆς διαλέξεως
Date: (386-398) Peleanu
Greek Text: A. Peleanu, Jean Chrysostom. L’impuissance du diable (SC 560), Paris: Les Éditions du Cerf, 2013.
Other Ancient Versions: Armenian (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 499)
English Translation: T.P. Brandram, “Three Homilies Concerning the Power of Demons”, in NPNF1, vol. 9 (New York, 1889), p. 173-197.

A revised translation of the homilies by Kevin Knight is available online here.

Other Modern Translations: French (A. Peleanu)
Notes: Adina Peleanu argues that homily 1 properly belongs as the 3rd homily after 2 Homilies On the Obscurity of the Old Testament. Thus, the Greek edition and French translations listed are only for the 2nd and 3rd homilies.

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