Latin Title: In epistulam ad Hebraeos argumentum et homiliae 1-34
Reference: CPG 4440
PG 63, 9-236
Savile 4, 427-605
Incipit: Ῥωμαίοις γράφων ὁ μακάριος Παῦλός φησιν·
Date: 402-403 (Kelly)
Greek Text: F. Field, Joannis Chrysostomi Interpretatio Omnium Epistularum Paulinarum, vol. 7, Oxford: Bibliotheca Patrum, 1854-1862.
Other Ancient Versions: Latin, Armenian, and Arabic (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 528)
English Translation: F. Gardiner, “On the Epistle to the Hebrews” in NPNF1, vol. 14, (New York, 1889) p. 363-522.A revised translation of the homilies by Kevin Knight is available online here.
Other Modern Translations: Italian, Portuguese, and French (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)

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