Latin Title: In Iohannem homiliae 1-88
Reference: CPG 4425
PG 59, 23-482
Savile 2, 555-931
Incipit: Οἱ τῶν ἀγώνων τῶν ἔξωθεν θεαταὶ
Date: 391 (Kelly)
Greek Texts: Boismard, M.-É. and A. Lamouille, Un évangile pré-johannique. I. Jean 1,1-2,12 (Études bibliques n.s. 17-18), 2 vols, Paris: Librairie Lecoffre, 1993.

—, Un évangile pré-johannique. II. Jean 2,13-4,54 (Études bibliques n.s. 24-25), 2 vols, Paris: Librairie Lecoffre, 1994.

—, Un évangile pré-johannique. III. Jean 5,1-47 (Études bibliques n.s. 28-29), 2 vols, Paris: Librairie Lecoffre, 1996.

PG 59, 23-482

Other Ancient Versions: Syriac, Coptic, Georgian, Armenian, and Arabic (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 523-524)
English Translations: Sr Thomas Aquinas Goggin, Saint John Chrysostom: Commentary on Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist (Fathers of the Church 33 and 41), Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 1957, 1960.

J. Childers (ed., trans.), The Syriac Version of John Chrysostom’s Commentary on John. I. Mêmrê 1-43 (Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium 652, Scriptores Syri 250-251), Louvain-la-Neuve: Peeters, 2013.

Charles Marriott, “Homilies on the Gospel of John” in NPNF1, vol. 14 (New York, 1889), p. 1-332.

A revised translation of the homilies by Kevin Knight is available online here.

Other Modern Translations: Spanish, Italian, and French (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)
Notes: Each of Boismard’s editions contains a number of John’s homilies on the gospel of John, but he did not edit all of them.

In addition to an English translation, Childers’ edition also contains an edition of the Syriac version of these homilies.

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