Author: John Chrysostom
Latin Title: Sermones 1-9 in Genesim
Reference: CPG 4410
PG 54, 581-630
Savile 5, 1-38
Incipit: Ἡδὺ μὲν ναύταις τὸ ἔαρ, ἡδὺ δὲ καὶ γηπόνοις
Date: Lent 386 (Kelly)
Greek Text: L. Brottier, Jean Chrysostome. Sermons sur la Genèse (Sources Chrétiennes 433), Paris: Les Éditions du CERF, 1998.
Other Ancient Versions: Latin and Armenian (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 518)
English Translation: R.C Hill, St John Chrysostom. Eight Sermons on the Book of Genesis, Brookline, Mass.: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2004.
Other Modern Translations: French (L. Brottier) and Spanish (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)
Notes: The Greek edition, English translation, and other modern translations includes the first 8 sermons. The 9th is considered to be from another series. The 9th sermon can still be found in the PG.

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