Latin Title: In Matthaeum homiliae 1-90
Reference: CPG 4424
PG 57, 13 – 58, 794
Savile 2, 1-554
Incipit: Ἔδει μὲν ἡμᾶς μηδὲ δεῖσθαι
Date: 390 (Kelly)
Greek Text: Field, F., Joannis Chrysostomi homiliae in Matthaeum, 3 vols, Cambridge, 1838-1839.

PG 57, 13 – 58, 794

Other Ancient Versions: Latin, Armenian, Syriac, Coptic, Georgian, Arabic, and Old Slavic (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 523)
English Translation: G. Prevost, rev. by M.B. Riddle, “Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew” in NPNF1, vol. 10, (New York, 1888).

A revised translation of the homilies by Kevin Knight  is available online here.

Other Modern Translations: German, Spanish, Italian, and French (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)
Notes: Field’s Greek text is the same as the text which is found in the PG.

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