Volume 1, Part 6 (1927): Collectio Vaticana, Documents 165-172

PagesDoc. no.ItemIncipitCPG
3-13165Sections from Nestorius against Cyril, 5 Excerpts of Books against HimἨρώτησα͵ φησί͵ πολλάκιϛ
13-106166Cyril, 5 Books against NestoriusΤοῖϛ μὲν τὴν ἁγίαν γραϕὴν πολυπραγμονεῖν ἐθέλουσι5217 & 8647
107-146167-169The Apology of Cyril, 12 of the Chapters against TheodoretΛίαν ἢλγησα τοῖϛ ἀναθεματισμοῖϛ5222, 6214, 8660, & 8662
146-151170Of Gregory Thaumaturgus, concerning the Incarnation of the Word of GodΘεοῦ χάριτι τό πῶϛ δεῖ
151-157171Commonitoria 1, for SuccessἘνέτυχον μὲν τῷ ὑπομνηστικῷ5345
157-162172Commonitoria 2, for SuccessἘμϕανῆ μὲν ἑαυτὴν καθίστησιν ἡ ἀλήθεια5346

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