Volume 3 (1929): Collectionis Casinensis sive Synodici a Rustico Diacono compositi, Part 1

PagesDocument no.Title IncipitCPG
3-161Cyril, Letter to the Monks Venerunt quidem aliqui 5301
16-172Cyril, Letter to Nestorius Viri reuerendi et fide5302
173Nestorius, Letter to CyrilNihil mansuetudine Christiana 5666
17-184Cyril, Letter to Nestorius Quia mihi scripsit 5307
18-205Eusebius of Doryleum, ProtestConiuro accipientem 5940
20-226Cyril, Letter to NestoriusOblocuntur quidem ut disco5304
23-267Nestorius, Letter to Cyril Iniurias quidem quae contra 5669
26-358Cyril, Synodical Letter to Nestorius Saluatore nostro dicente5317
35-379Cyril, Letter to the Constantinopolitans Vix quidem et aliquando 5318
3710Pope Celestine, Letter to the Clergy and People of Constantinople Col Ver 2
3711Pope Celestine, Letter to Pope CyrilCol Ver. 5
3712Pope Celestine, Letter to John of Antioch, Juvenal of Jerusalem, Rufus of Thessalonia, and Flavian of PhilippiCol. Ver. 1
3713Pope Celestine, Letter to John of Antioch, Rufus of Thessalonia, and Flavian of PhilippiCol. Ver. 6
38-3914Cyril, Letter to Bishop AcaciusQui uehementer contristantur 5314
39-4015Acacius, Letter to Cyril Legi litteras6479
40-4116Cyril, Letter to John of Antioch Cognouit omnino et per multos 5313
41-4217Cyril, Letter to JuvenalOptabam quidem probatissimorum 5316
4318Cyril, Letter to a Certain ZealotEt si quidem scriberem 5308
44-4719John of Antioch, Letter to Nestorius Meam intentionem 6316
47-4920Sacra to CyrilCurae multae 8652
4921John of Antioch, Letter to CyrilNeque me mediocriter6307
49-5122Calling together the religious affairs of the CouncilPendet in dei cultura 8651
51-5223Sacra to CouncilOmnium quidem quae in commune8668
52-8224GestaIulias synodo celebrata5657 & 8675
82-8325Sentence of the Council against NestoriusSancta synodus dixit 8675
8326Second day of his condemnationCognosce temet 8676
83-8427Ruling of the CouncilSancta et magna
8428Letter intended for the Clergy and Stewards of the Church of Constantinople Cognoscat uestra reuerentia8677
84-8529Cyril, Letter to the people of AlexandriaLicet latius oporteret5324
85-8730Relatio of the Holy Council to the most Pious Emperors about the Damnation of Nestorius A progenitoribus ueram fidem 8684
87-8931Letter to those remaining in ConstantinopleSperabamus uenientem 5323
89-9032Cyril, Letter to Monastic FathersDominus noster Iesus Christus5326
90-9133Warning of the bishops who were found in ConstantinopleEt dum diuulgatum 8681
91-9234Holy mass by the palladiumMagnificentissimo comite deuotissimorum 8696
92-9435GestaPost consulatum dominorum 8710
94-9536Letter, Holy Council to the Clergy of ConstantinopleVenimus ad nuntium8712
95-9637Letter of the Clergy of Constantinople to the Holy CouncilSemper et a iuuentute5777
96-9838Relatio of the Council to the EmperorsVestra quidem potesta8697
99-11139GestaCongregata synodo in metropolim 5395, 8716, & 8718
111-11240Exemplar of the religious affairs set in order by John in regard to the sacred councilQuantum circa pietatem 8723
112-11441Exemplar of the official response of the sacred council to the reread religious affairs by JohnChristo amabile8729
114-11542Cyril, Letter to the Clergy of ConstantinopleEcce igitur et altera5327
115-11643Bishop Memnon of Ephesus, Letter to the Clergy of ConstantinopleTumultui namque5790
116-11744Letter of the Council to the EmperorsVestra quidem potentia8733
117-11945Letter of the Council to the ConstantinopolitansIn tanta fluctuatione8730
119-14046GestaPost consulatum 8721
140-14147Exemplar of the letter written in the Ephesian council by the bishops in ConstantinopleOportebat quidem nos non animis 8736
141-14248Prayers and Supplication of the Clergy of Constantinople for the blessing of the Council of Ephesus Scientes uestram pietatem 8732
14349Cyril, Letter to Celestine Plurimae contra nos 5328
14350Cyril, Sermon OneFlectetur enim ei5252
143-14551Cyril, Sermon in the basilica of John the Evangelist Unde a diuina mysteria 5246
145-14652Cyril, Sermon against John of Antioch concerning those who separated themselvesOportet enim nos semper5250
146-14853Cyril, SermonEst igitur indubitatum 5249
149-15054Cyril, SermonEt satisfacit ad hoc nobis5245
150-15255Cyril, SermonPlantationes etenim5251
152-16156Theodotus of Ancyra, SermonNatura itaque post partum 6125
161-16857Theodotus of Ancyra, Sermon TwoTanta namque donationis 6126
168-16958The Sermons of Theodoti and Reginus Sed quoniam etiam tacere 6486
169-17359Letter of the Council to CelestineTuae quidem sanctitates8719
173-17460Mandatum of the Holy CouncilIussi a piissimis et Christoamantissimis 8740
174-17661Letter of the Council to the EmperorOmnia quidem uestrr 8741
176-17762Mandatum carried by the EastQuoniam ecclesiastici 8742
177-17863Relatio of the Council to the Emperors Circa pietatem sollicitudinem 8711
178-17964Bishop Maximus of Constantinople, Letter of instruction Unde consequens est reuerentiam 5773 & 8731
17965Bishop Maximus, Letter to Cyril
Conpletum est desiderium 5770
18066Cyril, Letter to JuvenalSatisfactum est nobis 5332
180-18167Interpretation of the sanction of the emperor written to IsidorusEt propterea quoniam Nestorius
181-18368Official Edict of the Holy Law against Nestorius Nestorio igitur monstruosae
183-18469Sacra to John of AntiochTempus est ergo8810
184-18570Petition given to Archbishop Cyril by Bishop Paul of EmesaPiissimi atque uictores 6368
185-18771John of Antioch, Letter to CyrilDudem per sanctionem 6310
187-19172Cyril, Letter to John of Antioch Exultent caeli 5339
191-19273Cyril, SermonTerram uero uoluntariam5260
19274Cyril Letter to MaximusNon erat dubium 5349
193-19475Cyril, Letter of instruction to Priest Eulogio of Alexandria regarding ConstantinopleAlii uero, qui Nestorii 5344
194-20376Cyril, Letter to Acacius of MeliteneCausa quidem dulcis 5340

Translation Key

Original LatinEnglish Translation
SacraReligious Affairs
RelatioOfficial Response

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