Volume 1, Part 2: Act 2; Letter Collection B; Acts 3-7

The left-hand column below indicates page numbers for the sections contained in the English translation of R. Price and M. Gaddis, The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon, vol. 1. Translated Texts for Historians 45 (Liverpool University Press, 2005).

Eng. Translation PagesACO PagesDocument no.TitleIncipitCPG
2.38-1163-421-101Act II (Oct 13)9002
N.B. - The Greek compiler switched session 2 and session 3 from their chronological order.
2.38-413-82Names of BishopsΎπατείαι τοῦ εὐσεβεστάτου
2.41-438-95Eusebius, Petition Τὸ ϕιλόδεον καὶ μισοπόνηρον ἧθοϛ5943
2.43-4910-149-36Call of Dioscorius
2.49-5314-1637-47Theodoret, Petition
2.53-5717-1948-53Ischyrionius, Petition
2.57-6420-2454-64Athanasius, Petition
2.65-6824-2765-89Third Call of Dioscorius
2.68-11628-4290-101Sentences of Dioscorius
45-651-22Letter Collection B
451Flavian to Theodosiussee 2.1.1, pp. 35-36 5933
452Pope Leo to Bishop EutychesΕἰς γνῶσιν ἡμετέραν
Peter of Ravenna, Letter to EutychesΤῷ ἀγαπητῷ καὶ ἀξιοτιμήτῳ
464Leo, Letter to Flavianusἑδεξάμεθθ γὰρ λίβελλον8913
48-5214Theodoret, Letter to Dioscorus Μεγίστην φέρει
52-5415Anatolius, Letter to Leo Τῆς μὲν ὑμετέρας
55-5616Marcianus , Letter to LeoΑἱ θεῖαι καὶ ἀνθρὼπινοι9025
56-5817Leo, Letter to Anatolius Φανερωθέντος ώς ηύχόμεθα9033
58-6018Leo, Letter to Marcianus Μεγάληι χάριτι9031
61-6219-20Marcianus, Letter to Leo and the Council 9031
62-6521-22Leo, Letter to Marcianus and Juvenal
69-163Acts III-VII
2.5-2869-831Act III (Oct 10)9001
N.B. - The Greek compiler switched session 2 and session 3 from their chronological order.
2.9-1377-792-13Gesta concerning symbols
2.13-148014-19Letter of Cyril
2.14-2480-8220-23Leo's Tome
2.25-2882-8325-42Acclamations of the Bishops
2.121-16384-921Act IV (Oct 17)9003
94-1099-11Decisions of the Bishops
10912-17Concerning Juvenal
110-11318-59Petition of the Bishop of Egypt
114-12160-116Concerning Dorothea
2.194-205121-1231Act V (Oct 22)9005
123-1302-36Concerning the definition of Faith
2.208-243130-1381Act VI (Oct 25)9007
139-1403-4Address of the Emperor
141-1559Subscriptions of the Bishops
155-15610-12Acclamations of the Bishops
156-15713-22Interlocutor of the Emperor
159-1631-27Canons 9008

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