Volume 1, Part 3: Acts 8-17

The left-hand column below indicates page numbers for the sections contained in the English translation of R. Price and M. Gaddis, The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon, vol. 1. Translated Texts for Historians 45 (Liverpool University Press, 2005).

Eng. Translation PagesACO PagesDocument no. Title IncipitCPG
3-136Acts VIII-XVII
2.273-3123-51-2Act VIII (Oct 27)9009
5-63-17Decisions of the Bishops
3.3-177-81-2Act IX (Oct 29)9010
9-113-32Concerning Theodoret 9013
11-131-3Names of Bishops 9011
134Ibas, Introductionδέομαι τοίνυν ὑμῶν
14-165-7Gesta at Tyre8903
168-23Final Action
16-341-46, 52-53, 55-138 Gesta at Beirut
21-3447-51, 54, Gesta at Antioch 6500, 8902
34-40139-140, 142-162Gesta at Chalcedon
35-37141Relatio of the CLergy of Edessa Παρἀ πολλῶν καὶ διαφόρων
40-42163-181Decisions of the Bishops
42-441-2Names of Bishops 9014
44-463-9Bassianus, Petition
46-4910-36Stephen, Examination
49-5337-62Examination and Decisions of the Bishops
53-551-29Decisions of the Bishops 9016
56-571-2Names of Bishops 9017
57-623-41Concerning Nicaea 9017
63-641-2Names of Bishops 9019
64-653-6Sabinianus, Petition
66-687-11Letters of Cyril and PloclusΣυναλγεῖν ἡμᾶϛ ἀδελϕοῖϛ ἀναγκαῖον5377 & 5910
68-8312-14, 148-163Gesta at Chalcedon
69-8115-147Gesta at Antioch8900
83-871-2Names of Bishops 9018
87-893-8Decree concerning the see of Constantinople
89-949Name of Bishops 9015
94-9510-17Concerning the privileges of the see of Constantinople
96-9918-46Decisions of the Bishops
99-10118:1-11Concerning Dorothea9004
101-10319:1-2Names of Bishops
103-11019:3-64Concerning Photinus and Eustathius
110-11420Address to Marcianus Προσφωνητικὸϛ παρὰ9012
1141-14Anthology of Extracts
116-11821Letter to Leonius Ἐπλήσθη χαρᾶϛ τὸ στόμα5957
119-12022Constitutio after the Councilεὐχαῖϛ γἀρ καὶ λιιταῑϛ9030
120-12123Edictἐκ διαφόρων γὰρ ἐπαρχιῶν9029
12124Constitutio concerning Flavianus Οὐδέποτε δόξα τῶι θανάτωι9035
122-12425Constitutio Against EutychesΜεγίσταϛ τῶι παντοκράτορι9036
124-12726Letter to Aeliensisδέον γὰρ τὴν ἡσυχίαν9038
128-12927Letter to Aeliensisκαὶ οῖα μὲν ἡ αὐτοῦ9039
129-13028Letter to AlexanderΤὸ δὲ ἐπιμένειν τοῖϛ
131-13229Letter to Marcarius and the Monks Οὗτοϛ γὰρ προλαβών9040
133-13430Letter to the Councilὁ δὲ τῶι γένει τῶν χριοτιανῶν9041
135-13631Letter to Bassianusἐπειδὴ δὲ ἀνεφάνη ἐν τοῖϛ9042

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