Volume 2, Part 2: The Vatican Collection of the Proceedings of Chalcedon: Canons and Symbols

PagesDocument no.TitleIncipit
3-271-15The Chalcedon Collection Vaticana
31Marcian, Petition to all the BishopsOmnibus negotiis 8982
42Marcian, Letter to the CouncilFestinantes nos ad sanctam 8998
4-53Marcian, Letter to the EmperorsEt quidem per sacras 8999
5-104Order of EventsCum peruenisset piissimus
11-145Definition of FaithVenerabilis totius mundi
14-216Actions Conuenitur Dioscorus, dicit9006
217Marcian, AddressCum in sancta Chalcedonensis
21-228Marcian, Constitutio to the Council of Chalcedon Tandem aliquando 9029
23-249Marcian, Constitutio to the Council of Chalcedon Venerabilem catholicae9030
2410-14Pope Leo, to the Council of Chalcedon Omnen quidem
24-2715Marcian, Constitutio Licet iam sacratissima9076
33-47Canonical Collection
45-47Canons of Constantinople 9015
51-60Collection of Dionysius
51-54Articles of the Council of Chalcedon
63-77Further Collection of Dionysius
81-95Collection of Hispana
81-861-11Action VIConsulatu piissimi
86-8712Article written by the Coucnil
93-9414-19Action VI
94-95Summary of Hispana
99-102Collection codicis Meermano-Westreeniani
105Collection Veronensis
105-101-4Incipts from the Established Council Sancta ac magna uniuersalis

Translation Key

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Constitutio Decree

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