Volume 3, Part 1: Letters before the Collection of Gestas; Act 1

The left-hand column below indicates page numbers for the sections contained in the English translation of R. Price and M. Gaddis, The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon, vol. 1. Translated Texts for Historians 45 (Liverpool University Press, 2005).

Eng Translation PagesACO PagesDocumentsTitle IncipitCPG
3-231-35Letters before the Collections of Gestas
52Pope Leo, Letter to EutychesAd notitiam
6-73Bishop Peter Chrysologus of Ravenna, Letter to EutychesTristis legi tristes
74Pope Leo I, Letter to Flavian of Constantinople Cum Christianissimus
7-95Flavian of Constantinople, Letter to Pope Leo INihil est quod stare
96Pope Leo I, Letter to FaustusGratum semper
9-118Flavian of Constantinople, Letter to Pope Leo IPietate et recta
119Pope Leo I, Letter to JulianLicet per nostros
1110Pope Leo I, Letter to Faustus, Marcian, and the Remaining Archimandrites of ConstantinopleCum propter
1111Pope Leo I, Letter to Theodosius Quantum rebus
1112Pope Leo I, Letter to Pulcheria Quantum sibi
1213Pope Leo I, Letter written to the Second Council of Ephesus against EutychesReligiosa clementissimi
1214Pope Leo I, Letter to Theodosius requesting a special Council in Italy Olim et ab initio
1215Pope Leo I, Letter to Theodosius Litteris clementiae
1216Letter of Pope Leo I, the Sacred Council and Assembly to PulcheriaSi epistulae
1217Hilary the Deacon, Letter to PulcheriaStudium mihi8950
1318Galla Placidia Augusta, Letter to PulcheriaVt Romam frequentibus8960
13-1419Valentinian, Letter to TheodosiusCum aduenissem 8957
14-1520Galla Placidia Augusta, Letter to Theodosius Dum in ipso ingressu8958
1521Eudocia Augusta, Letter to TheodosiusOmnibus notum8959
15-1622Theodosius, Letter to Valentinian Et Romae peruenisse8961
1623Theodosius, Letter to Galla Plicidia AugustaEx litteris tuae mansuetudinis8962
16-1724Theodosius, Letter in response to Valentinian Semper equidem8963
1725Letter of Pope Leo and the Council to the Clergy and People of Constantinople In notitiam
1726Pope Leo I, Letter to the Archimandrite of ConstantinopleQuamuis ea
1.92-931727Valentinian and Marcian, Letter to Leo I Ad hoc maximum8971
1.931828Marcian, Letter to Leo I De studio8973
1.93-9418-1929Pulcheria, Letter to Leo I Litteras tuae8974
19-2030Valentinian and Marcian to the bishops as agreed on in NicaeaOmnia ad ueram fidem 8981
1.98-992031Letter of Valentinian and Marcian to the BishopsQuoniam igitur dubietates8982
20-2132Sacred Letter to the Council of Nicaea, Valentinian, and MarcianHoc enim omnibus8996
1.122-36527-2591-1076Act 1 (Oct 8)8937, 9000
1-23, 25-46, 53-67, 69, 71-77, 87-107, 121-135, 138-140, 149-150, 158-163, 165-175, 176-184, 187-196, 236-237, 247-260, 262-269, 272-300, 323-329. 332-338, 341, 347, 496-497, 530-533, 851-863, 968Gesta at Chalcedon8904, 8905, 8906, 8907
24, 47-52, 68, 70, 78-86, 108-120, 136-137, 141-148, 151-157, 164, 185-186, 197-222, 226-228, 261, 303-306, 309-322, 469, 491-495, 504, 506-510, 528-529, 546-548, 553-554, 850, 564-967, 969-1076Gesta at Ephesus8916, 8917, 8918, 8919, 8920
223-225, 229-232, 233-235, 238-246, 270-271, 301-302, 307-308, 330-331, 339-340, 342-346, 348-396, 399-468, 470-476, 477-490, 498-503, 505, 511-522, 523-527, 534, 544, 545, 549-551Gesta at Constantinople
555-828Inquiry concerning the Gesta against Eutyches
229-249Concerning the Sentence against Eutyches

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