Volume 3, Part 2: Acts 2-6

The left-hand column below indicates page numbers for the sections contained in the English translation of R. Price and M. Gaddis, The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon, vol. 1. Translated Texts for Historians 45 (Liverpool University Press, 2005).

Eng Trans PagesACO PagesDocumentTitleCPG
2.5-283-171-45Act II (Oct 10)9001
2.38-11617-961-110Act III (Oct 13)9002
N.B. - This is flipped from the order of the Greek version.
96-101Appendix Act III
2.121-163102-1281-116Act IV (Oct 17)9003
2.194-205128-1381-36Act V (Oct 22)9005
2.208-243138-1801-23Act VI (Oct 25)9007

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