CPG 3666
Author Apollinaris
Greek Text Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule: Texte und Untersuchungen, 253-254.

Fragment 159: I received the letter of your love, master, and we cooperated with him what we could for that work which the one who carried the letter was seeking. We welcomed greatly my master’s letter sent to Corinth. We observe the great insanity of those who said the flesh is consubstantial with God.

Fragment 160: For the flesh is divine by the union with the Word, not by nature. Therefore in the union it also has persistence, just as he himself says, “The Spirit is what gives life” to the flesh (Jn 6:63). For clearly the body cannot also become bodiless as some senselessly say.

Fragment 161: So even you yourself are right to say, “We and Christ are not equal.” But saying that, “The flesh is not consubstantial to us since it is the flesh of God” is in need of a little articulation. For it is better to say that he took on flesh consubstantial with us by nature and he revealed it as divine by the union. And even you yourself say the same thing: “According to this it is not consubstantial with us since it is the flesh of God.” But it would be much more articulately said that the flesh is consubstantial to us by nature and divine by the union and having what is different because of the union.

Translated by AMJ

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