Author: John Chrysostom
Latin Title: Contra eos qui subintroductas habent virgines
Reference: CPG 4311
PG 47, 495-514
Savile 6, 214-229
Incipit: Ἐπὶ μὲν τῶν προγόνων τῶν ἡμετέρων
Date: 383-383 (Kelly)
Greek Text: J. Dumortier, Saint Jean Chrysostome. Les cohabitations suspectes; Comment observer la virginité (Nouvelle Collection de Textes & Documents), Paris: Les Belle Lettres, 1955.
English Translation: E.A. Clark, Jerome, Chrysostom and Friends. Essays and Translations (Studies in Women and Religion 2), New York-Toronto: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1979, 164-208.
Other Modern Translations: Polish (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)

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