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Date 335
Ancient Source(s) Athanasius, Ap. 80

The Bishop Alexander to my master Dionysius.

I see that a conspiracy has evidently been formed against Athanasius; for they have determined, I know not on what grounds, to send all those to whom he has objected, without giving any information to us, although it was agreed that we should consider together who ought to be sent. Take care therefore that nothing be done rashly (for they have come to me in great alarm, saying that the wild beasts have already roused themselves and are going to rush upon them; for they had heard it reported, that John had sent certain), lest they be beforehand with us, and concoct what schemes they please. For you know that the Colluthians who are enemies of the Church, and Arians and Meletians are all of them leagued together and are able to work much evil. Consider therefore what is best to be done, lest some mischief arise, and we be subject to censure, as not having judged the matter fairly. Great suspicions are also entertained of these persons, lest, as being devoted to the Meletians, they should go through those churches whose bishops are here, and raise an alarm amongst them, and so disorder the whole of Egypt. For they see that this is already taking place to a great extent.

Translation from NPNF2 vol. 4, p. 142

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