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Date 335
Ancient Source(s) Athanasius, Ap. 73

To Theognius, Maris, Macedonius, Theodorus, Ursacius and Valens, the Bishops who have come from Tyre, these from the presbyters and deacons of the catholic church of Alexandria under the most reverend Bishop Athanasius.

It was incumbent upon you when you came here and brought with you the accuser, to bring also the presbyter Macarius; for trials are appointed by Holy Scripture to be so constituted, that the accuser and accused may stand up together. But since you neither brought Macarius, nor our most reverend Bishop Athanasius here with you, we claimed for ourselves the right of being present at the investigation, that we might see that the enquiry was conducted impartially, and might ourselves be convinced of the truth. But when you refused to allow this, and wished, in company only with the Prefect of Egypt and the accuser, to do whatever you pleased, we confess that we saw a suspicion of evil in the affair, and perceived that you coming was only the act of a cabal and a conspiracy. Therefore we address to you this letter, to be a testimony before a genuine council, that it may be known to all men, that you have carried on an ex parte proceeding and for you own ends, and have desired nothing else but to form a conspiracy against us. A copy of this, lest it should be kept secret by you, we have handed in to Palladius also the Controller of Augustus. For what you have already done causes us to suspect you, and to reckon on the like conduct from you hereafter.

I Dionysius Presbyter have handed in this letter. Alexander Presbyter, Nilaras Presbyter, Longus Presbyter, Aphthonius Presbyter, Athanasius Presbyter, Amyntius Presbyter, Pistus Presbyter, Plution Prebyter, Dioscorus Presbyter, Apollonius Presbyter, Sarapion Presbyter, Ammonius Presbyter, Gaius Presbyter, Rhinus Presbyter, Aethales Presbyter.

Deacons: Marcellinus Deacon, Appianus Deacon, Theon Deacon, Timotheus Deacon, a decond Timotheus Deacon.

Translation from NPNF2 vol. 4, pp. 138-9

Adapted by SMT

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