Document: Letter 9
Date: 381
Addressee: The Bishops of Gaul
English Translation: FC 26.207
Summary of Contents: Letter from Council of Aquileia thanking addressed bishops and condemning Palladius and Secundianus

We give thanks to your holy Unanimity which honored us with the presence of all of you in the persons of our lords and brethren, Constantius and Proculus. At the same time, following the customs of your predecessors, you added no slight weight to our deliberations when your Holiness agreed to our statements, dearly beloved lords and brethren. Therefore, as we gladly welcomed those revered men of your assembly and ours, so are we sending them away with a rich testimony of thanks.

How necessary was a meeting such as we held is evident from the very events which took place, namely, that our adversaries, enemies of God, those defenders of the Arian sect and heresy, Palladius and Secundianus, the only two who dared come to the council, received their due sentence, and were convicted of impiety.

Farewell. May our God omnipotent keep you safe and prosperous, our lords, most beloved brethren. Amen.

Translation from FC 26.207, adapted by SMT

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