1.12.1 “Well then, Licinius and the army with him went from Nicomedia to Byzantium to wage war against the God-loving Emperor Constantine who was there at that time, and both of the military battle-lines were surrounding the emperor who was holding the imperial Christian symbol. When the sinful leader looked and saw that his own army was deserting him and fleeing to the shields of his better opponents, he first hurried to hide in Chrysopolis of Bythinia (that is, the sea-port of Chalcedon). But when he was unable to do so and instead found himself already lying face-down under the feet of Emperor Constantine, he then surrendered.”

1.12.2 Then, the most fair and most godly emperor captured him alive, treated him with kindness, and did not put him to death. But he ordered him to live in retirement in Thessalonica.

1.12.3 Licinius appeared to live there peacefully for a short while, but later, he called together some barbarians. And after consulting with them, he hurriedly went to war to undo his defeat.

1.12.4 When the most faithful emperor found this out, he ordered that the God-hater be killed. And that tyrant against Christ and his servant was killed.


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