1.8.1 So far, Eusebius. However, Rufinus, or rather, Gelasius records these things as follows: “After these events, the Roman Senate asked Licinius (who became the God-loving Constantine’s brother-in law by marrying his sister Constantia) to rule together with Constantine. Soon after, Constantine sent Licinius to the east against the tyrant there, in order to see to the safety of the Christians there. For since he enjoyed such great favors from God, the pious Constantine was eager to offer thank-offerings to his benefactor.

1.8.2 These things brought an end to the persecution of Christians, and those who were in exile were recalled, and those who had been imprisoned were released, and those whose property had been confiscated had it returned, and churches were rebuilt. And Constantine, having in mind the things of Christ, did all these things with great zeal. Since he was just like a Christian, he always acted like a Christian. He built churches of God and adorned them with extravagant thank-offerings and even ordered that the temples of the Greeks be torn down and utterly destroyed by fire.


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