2.26.1 For this reason, all our holy fathers in turn unanimously decided to banish them from the catholic church together with Arius. They anathematized them, their ungodly opinion, and the blasphemous words and thoughts which they had directed against the Son of God, saying that he is from things which did not exist, that he did not always exist, that the Son of God is capable of choosing evil or good, and that he is a creature and a product.

2.26.2 The holy council anathematized them and all these thoughts, refusing to listen to their ungodly opinion, their insanity, and their blasphemous words.

2.26.3 The council forthwith tore up their document, which they had dared to submit, full of their ungodliness. This was the end of their cause at the holy council.

2.26.4 All the bishops unanimously summarized the content of the orthodox faith briefly to accommodate the simplicity of the multitude of faithful people. They formulated the symbol of the catholic faith in writing as follows:


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