The headings of the chapter sections provided below are translations of the Greek headings found in the 1918 edition of Heinemann and Loeschcke. It is unlikely that any of these are original to the anonymous author. However, the manuscript evidence suggests that the headings from Book 3 may be older than the ones from the first two books. This page provides links to the individual sections of our translation as they are completed. A PDF version of Book 1 and Book 2 are also available.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

  • 3.1 The things which were treated/written after the great synod
  • 3.2 The most God-loving Emperor Constantine’s unyielding haste concerning godly things
  • 3.3 The emperor’s letter to Eusebius Pamphili about the building of churches
  • 3.4 The emperor’s letter concerning the construction of holy books
  • 3.5 The emperor’s letter to Macarius, the bishop of Jerusalem about the Savior’s tomb
  • 3.6 The blessed Helen’s journey to Jerusalem
  • 3.7 The discovery of the holy cross of Christ
  • 3.8 The godly Constantine’s tribute
  • 3.9 Frumentius and Edesius and those in the middle of India
  • 3.10 The Iberians and Lazi and the holy captive woman among them
  • 3.11 Emperor Constantine’s Letter to Sapor, King of the Persians, concerning God’s providence for his people
  • 3.12 Concerning Constantia, the sister of the all-praiseworthy Emperor Constantine and the Arian presbyter whom she entrusted to his safekeeping
  • 3.13 The message of feigned repentance of Eusebius of Nicomedia and Theognis of Nicaea
  • 3.14 Part of Emperor Constantine’s letter to Athanasius
  • 3.15 The most God-loving Emperor Constantine’s letter to Alexander the bishop of Alexandria
  • 3.16 Part of the letter of Emperor Constantine written on behalf of Athanasius to the church of Alexandria
  • 3.17 Emperor Constantine’s letter to the synod which had gathered together at Tyre

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