TreatisePages in Ante-Nicene
Fathers: Volume V
On the Unity of the Churchpp. 421-429CPL 41
On the Dress of Virginspp. 430-436CPL 40
On the Lapsedpp. 437-447CPL 42
On the Lord's Prayerpp. 447-457CPL 43
An Address to Demetrianuspp. 457-465CPL 46
On the Vanity of Idolspp. 465-469CPL 57?
On the Mortalitypp. 469-475CPL 44
On Works and Almspp. 476-484CPL 47
On the Advantage of Patiencepp. 484-491CPL 48
Of Jealousy and Envypp. 491-496CPL 49
Exhortation to Martyrdom, Addressed to Fortunatuspp. 496-507CPL 45
Three Books of Testimonies Against the Jewspp. 507-557CPL 39

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