Volume VIII

The page numbers given are for the December, 1981 reprint by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
Translated by Rev. Robert Sinker, M.A.
pp. 3-38
Excerpts of Theodotus
Translated by Rev. William Wilson, M.A.
pp. 41-50
Two Letters Concerning Virginity
Translated by Rev. B. P. Pratten
pp. 53-66
Pseudo-Clementine Literature: Recognitions of Clement
Translated by Rev. Thomas Smith, D.D.
pp. 69-211
Pseudo-Clementine Literature: The Clementine Homilies
Translated by Rev. Thomas Smith, D.D.
pp. 213-346
The Apocrypha of the New Testament
Edited by Professor M. B. Riddle, D. D.
Introductory Note to the Apocrypha of the New Testament (Professor M. B. Riddle, D.D.) pp. 349-360
The Protevangelium of James
pp. 361-367
The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew pp. 368-383
The Gospel of the Nativity of Marypp. 384-387
The History of Joseph the Carpenterpp. 388-394
The Gospel of Thomaspp. 395-404
The Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Saviorpp. 405-415
The Gospel of Nicodemuspp. 416-458
The Letter of Pontius Pilate Concerning Our Lord Jesus Christpp. 459
The Report of Pilate the Procurator Concerning Our Lord Jesuspp. 460-461
The Report of Pontius Pilatepp. 462-463
The Giving Up of Pontius Pilate pp. 464-465
The Death of Pilatepp. 466-467
The Narrative of Josephpp. 468-471
The Avenging of the Saviorpp. 472-476
Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paulpp. 477-486
Acts of Paul and Theclapp. 487-492
The Acts of Barnabaspp. 493-496
The Acts of Philippp. 497-510
Acts and Martyrdom of the Apostle Andrewpp. 511-516
Acts of Andrew and Matthiaspp. 517-525
Acts of Peter and Andrewpp. 526-527
Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostlepp. 528-534
Acts of the Holy Apostle Thomaspp. 535-549
Consummation of Thomas the Apostlepp. 550-552
Martyrdom of the Holy and Glorious Apostle Bartholomewpp. 553-557
Acts of the Holy Apostle Thaddaeus pp. 558-559
Acts of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologianpp. 560-564
Revelation of Mosespp. 565-570
Revelation of Esdraspp. 571-574
Revelation of Paulpp. 575-581
Revelation of Johnpp. 582-586
The Book of John Concerning the Falling Asleep of Marypp. 587-591
The Decretals
Translated by Rev. S. D. F. Salmond
The Passing of Marypp. 592-598
Introductory Note to the Decretalspp. 601-607
The Decretals: The Letters of Pope Zephyrinuspp. 609-612
The Decretals: The Letters of Pope Callistus pp. 613-618
The Decretals: The Letter of Pope Urban Ipp. 619-621
The Decretals: The Letters of Pope Pontianuspp. 622-625
The Decretals: The Letter of Pope Anteruspp. 626-629
The Decretals: The Letter of Pope Fabianpp. 630-639
The Decretals: The Decrees of Pope Fabianpp. 640-644
Introductory Notice to Memoirs of Edessa and Other Syriac Documents (Rev. B. P. Pratten, B.A.)pp. 647-649
Translated by Rev. B. P. Pratten, B.A.
The Story Concerning the King of Edessapp. 651-653
A Canticle of Mar Jacob the Teacher on Edessapp. 654
Extracts from Various Books Concerning Abgar the King and Addaeus the Apostle pp. 655-656
The Teaching of Addaeus the Apostlepp. 657-666
The Teaching of the Apostlespp. 667-672
The Teaching of Simon Cephas in the City of Romepp. 673-675
Acts of Sharbilpp. 676-685
The Martyrdom of Barsamyapp. 685-689
Martyrdom of Habib the Deaconpp. 690-695
Martyrdom of the Holy Confessors Shmuna, Guria and Habibpp. 696-701
Moses of Chorenepp. 702-707
Homily on Habib the Martyr pp. 708-714
Homily on Guria and Shamunapp. 714-720
Bardesanpp. 721-734
A Letter of Mara Son of Serapionpp. 735-743
Remains of the Second and Third Centuries
Translated by Rev. B. P. Pratten
pp. 747-785
Indexespp. 789-818

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