Volume X: Recently Discovered Additions to Early Christian Literature; Commentaries of Origen

The pages given are for the August, 1980 reprint by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, MI.

Works Connected with the Gospels
The Gospel According to Peter
(Professor J. Armitage Robinson, ed.)
pp. 7-8
Synoptical Table of the Four Canonical Gospels and the Gospel According to Peter
(Andrew Rutherfurd, B.D.)
pp. 10-31
The Diatessaron of Tatian
(Hope W. Hogg, trans.)
pp. 35-130
Indexpp. 131-138
Apocalypses and Romances
The Revelation of Peter
(Andrew Rutherford, trans.)
pp. 141-147
The Vision of Paul
(Andrew Rutherford, trans.)
pp. 149-166
The Apocalypse of the Virgin
(Andrew Rutherford, trans.)
pp. 167-174
The Apocalypse of Sedrach
(Andrew Rutherford, trans.)
pp. 175-180
The Testament of Abraham
(W. A. Craigie, trans.)
pp. 183-201
The Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena
(W. A. Craigie, trans.)
pp. 203-217
The Narrative of Zosimus
(W. A. Craigie, trans.)
pp. 219-224
The Epistles of Clement
(John Keith, trans.)
pp. 227-256
The Apology of Aristedes the Philosopher
(D. M. Kay, trans.)
pp. 259-279
The Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs
(J. A. Robinson, trans.)
pp. 283-285
Commentaries of Origen
Introductionpp. 291-294
Letter of Origen to Gregory
(Allan Menzies, ed.)
pp. 295-296
Origen’s Commentary on the Gospel of John
(Allan Menzies, ed.)
pp. 297-4081453
Origen’s Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
(John Patrick, ed.)
pp. 411-5121450
Indexes pp. 515-533

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