Volume 5 Part 1 contains the so-called Collectio Palatina.  The contents of the volume is listed below by page number.  Incipits follow each heading.

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1. Collectio Palatina Primaria

Letter of Pope Anastasius I to Bishop John of Jerusalem concerning the reputation of Rufinus, Probate quidempp.3-4
On the Faith (12 anathemas, possibly by Rufinus), Propter venerationempp.4-5
Documents Collected and Translated by Marius Mercator
a.Prologue to Marius Mercator’s commentary, Quaestio contrapp.5-7
b.Marius Mercator’s commentary against the heresy of Pelagius and Caelestius and also the writings of Julian [of Eclanum], Nunc verba
c.Letter and translation of the confession of Theodore of Mopsuestia, Qui autpp.23-28
d.Letter and translation of the sermons of Nestorius, Item Mariuspp.28-46
e.Letter of Nestorius to Cyril, Iniurias quidempp.46-49
f.Letter of Cyril to Nestorius, Garriunt quidempp.49-51
g.Letter of Cyril to Nestorius, Venerabiles viripp.51-52
h.Letter of Cyril to his appointed clerics of Constantinople, Legi litteraspp.52-55
i.Excerpts of various book and tracts by Nestorius from the chapters of Cyril, preface Item Nestorii, text Ita depp.55-60
j.Sermons of Nestorius against the heresy of Pelagius and Caelestius, preface Item eiusdem, text Multis inquitpp.60-65
k.Letter of Nestorius to Caelestius, Noli aegrep.65
l.Commentary concerning the reputation of Caelestius translated from the Greek sermon, Item exemplumpp.65-70
Chapters of Cyril and Nestorius with the disputation of the collector, Nunc episcopi pp.71-84
Acts of Ephesus (the same Latin version found in the Collectio Iusteliana), De statuapp.84-116
The apology of Cyril in twelve chapters against Orientales, Qui suampp.116-142
The apology of Cyril in twelve chapters against Theodoret, Legi quaepp.142-165
Excerpts from the five books of Theodoret against Cyril, Priusquam conventuspp.165-169
Excerpts from the book of Theodoret on the incarnation, Haec inquitpp.169-170
Excperts from the letters of Theodoret, preface Item epistula, letter Quod urbanapp.170-172
From the acts written against Bishop Domnus of Antioch, preface Item ex, text Nemo iamp.173
Excerpts from the books of Theodore of Mopsuestia, preface Theodori Mampsuestini, text Tantis extantibuspp.173-177
Excerpts from Diodorus of Tarsus, Iesus inquitpp.177-179
The blasphemies of Hiba of Edessa, Non inquitp.179

2. Collectionis Palatinae additamenta

Letter of Nestorius to Caelestius, Didici honestissimum p.182
Synodical Letter of Cyril to Nestorius, Si quis pp.182-183
Scholia of Cyril on the Incarnation of the Only-Begotten, Christus nomen pp.184-215

3. Appendix

Greek excerpts from the Scholia of Cyrilpp.219-231


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