Date: 313
Ancient source: Optatus, Against the Donatists, 1.23
English translation: Vassall-Phillips, O.R., The Work of St. Optatus, Bishop of Milevis: Against the Donatists (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1917), 44-5.

After having read this letter, Constantine replied with much anger. And in his rescript he testified to the matter of their petition in the words:

“You ask a judgment from me in this world, although I myself am waiting for the Judgment of Christ in the next.”

Nevertheless, he granted them judges – Maternus from the city of Cologne, Reticius from the city of Autun, Marinus of Arles. These three Bishops from Gaul and fifteen others, who were Italians, arrived in Rome. They met in the House of Fausta on the Lateran, on the second of October, which was a Friday, in the year when Constantine for the fourth, and Licinius for the third time, were Consuls.

There were present Miltiades, Bishop of the city of Rome, and Reticius, Maternus and Marinus, Bishops from Gaul, and Merocles of Milan, Florianus of Sinna, Zoticus of Quintianum, Stennius of Ariminum, Felix from Florence of the Tuscans, Gaudentius of Pisa, Constantius of Faenza, Proterius of Capua, Theophilus of Beneventum, Sabinus of Terracina, Secundus of Preneste, Felix of the Three Taverns, Maximus of Ostium, Evandrus of Ursinum and Donatianus of Criolo.

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