CPG 3656
Author Apollinaris
Greek Text Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule: Texte und Untersuchungen, 235-237.

Fragment 117: God takes on a vehicle and he is God as he energizes it and man according to the vehicle. Remaining God, he has not been changed. He has brought forth the moving vehicle to complete the one energy. And if the energy is one, the essence is one also. Therefore he became one essence of the Word and the vehicle.

Fragment 118: As many as are united either in form or agreement, being two, they remain two.

Fragment 119: It is lawless for there to be one and the same worship of one and another essence, that is, of Maker and made, God and man. The one worship is of Christ. And according to this God and man are understood in the one name. Therefore God and man are not one and another essence but one essence according to the combination of God with the human body.

Fragment 120: For how is the matter not ungodly for some created and servile essence to have one and the same worship as the creating and lordly essence?

Translated by AMJ

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