CPG 3711
Author Polemon
Greek Text Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule: Texte und Untersuchungen, 274-275.

Fragment 174: That too is no worse to think. For in saying the same one is both God and man they are not ashamed of confessing one incarnate nature of the Word as one composite. For if the same one is completely God and completely man, therefore the same one is two natures, as is introduced by the innovations of the Cappadocians and the opinions of Diodorus and Athanasius and the delusion of those in Italy. And those who are really our people (sarcasm) pretend to think the things of our holy father Apollinaris, but they, like the Gregories, proclaim the pair of natures because, as it seems, they are loved by no one or because they are caught up only by the perishable glory in this life their hope for the priesthood. What, then, about them and us? Why do they try to coincide with the admirable voice? Why do they pretend to want to be a disciple of the divine Apollinaris? For he alone brought us forth this voice for the destruction of the pair of natures, having written here so wisely, “And the same one is the Son of God and God according to the flesh and the Son of Man according to the flesh. The one Son is not two natures, one worshipped and one not worshipped, but one nature of God the Word, incarnate and worshipped along with his flesh with one worship.”

Translated by AMJ

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