Key Facts:

Date 268
Location Antioch
Number of Participants 70/80 (16 signatures on the synodical letter)
Key Participants Helenus of Tarsus; Hymenaeus of Jerusalem; Theotecnus of Caesarea (Palestine); Malchion the priest
Purpose To judge the accusations of heresies levied against Paul of Samosata
Key Events Paul was condemned and exiled
Ancient Description Eusebius, HE 7.27-30

Surviving Documents:

Creed (Greek text in Hahn’s Bibliothek der Symbole und Glaugensregeln der Alten Kirche (Breslau: E. Morgenstern, 1897) 178-182.


Simonetti, M. “Antioch” in The Encyclopedia of the Early Church (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992).


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