Key Facts:

Date early 325
Location Antioch
Number of Participants 59
Chaired by Ossius of Cordova
Key Participants Ossius of Cordova, Eustathius of Antioch, Eusebius of Caesarea
Key Issue Arianism
Key Events excommunication of Theodotus of Laodicea, Narcissus of Neronias and Eusebius of Caesarea (Palestine); condemnation of the Arians reaffirmed; publication of anti-Arian creed
Primary Source Descriptions Letter of the Council of Antioch (Urk. 18, Doc. 20, CPG 8509)

Surviving Documents:

Excerpt from Statement of Belief (Opitz, Urk. III no. 18.8-13 (38, 39)

Letter of the Council of Antioch (Urk. 18, Doc. 20, CPG 8509)


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