Key Facts:

Date 380
Location Caesaraugusta/Saragossa
Number of Participants 12
Key Participants Ithacius, bishop of Ossanova; Fitadius (Phoebadius of Agen); Delphin of Bordeaux; Lucius of Saragossa; Euticius; Ampelius; Augentius (of Toledo?)
Summoned by Hydatius of Merida or Ithacius of Ossanova and Idacius of Emeritu
Chaired by Phoebadius of Agen?
Purpose To discuss asceticism, address Priscillianism, determine Christian community boundaries and discuss the roles of men and women in private and public settings.
Key Events December 17 – January 6 declared a solemn holiday; condemnation of Priscillian and Elpidius (both laymen) as well as Instantius and Salvianus (both bishops).

Surviving Documents:

Acts of the Council of Saragossa 2.16-17


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