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Key Facts:

Date 25-30 May 419
Location Carthage
Number of Participants 217
Chaired by Faustinus of Potenza (in Picenum)
Key Event Apiarius readmitted into communion; debate over Rome’s demands in the matter of appeals; rules forbidding excommunicates, slaves, freedmen and infames personae from making accusations in ecclesiastical courts

Surviving Documents:

Acts (C. Munier, Concilia Africae a.345-a.525 (Turnhout: Brepols, 1974), pp. 89-94.)

Canons in the Case of Apiarius (Ibid., 103-149)

Letter to Boniface (Ibid., 156-161)

Letter from the Eastern bishops (Ibid., 162-3)


Munier, Ch. “Carthage,” in Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity (Downer’s Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2014)

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