Key Facts:

Date 10 October 359
Location Nike (Thrace)
Summoned by Constantius
Key Participants Restitutus of Carthage and other envoys from the majority at Ariminum
Purpose To present the “Nicene” creed
Key Events Decisions at Ariminum disowned; excommunication of Ursacius, Valens, Germinius and Gaius disavowed; subscription of the creed brought by the other delegates from Ariminum
Ancient Descriptions Socrates, HE 2.37.96; Sozomen, HE 4.19.8; Theodoret, HE 2.21 (2.16 in NCPNF); CSEL 56.85.20-86.23 in Wickham

Surviving Documents:

The Thracian-Nicaean Creed


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