Key Facts:

Date 358
Location Sirmium
Summoned by Constantius
Key Participants Basisl of Ancyra; Eustathius of Sebaste; Eleusius of Cyzicus; Ursacius; Valens; Germinius
Purpose To examine the doctrinal statements of Basis of Ancyra from the Council of Ancyra earlier in the year.
Key Events Envoy sent to Emperor Constantius with anathemas for Eudoxius and the Aetian influence and with pleas to uphold the creeds of Serdica and Sirmium; subsequent letter from Constantinius to the Church of Antioch; Eunomius exiled to Midiaeos in Phrygia; Aetius exiled to Pepuzza in Phrygia; Eudoxius exiled to Armenia; Third Creed of Sirmium (not surviving); reaffirmation of the First Sirmian Creed and the Second Creed of Antioch
Ancient Descriptions Sozomen, HE 4.15.1-3

Surviving Documents:

Letter from Constantius to the Church of Antioch (Sozomen, HE 4.14)


R.P.C. Hanson, The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God (New York: T&T Clark, 1988) pp. 357-362.

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