CPG 2802
Date 340s
Latin Title De sancta ecclesia*
Ancient Source Cod. Ambros. H 257 inf. saec. XIII; Cod. Scorial. Y II, 7 saec. XIV
Modern Text A. Logan, Marcellus of Ancyra (Pseudo-Anthimus), ‘On the Holy Church’: Text Translation, and Commentary, Journal of Theological Studies 51.1 (2000): pp. 81-112.

*A. Logan attributes this work to Marcellus because of its doctrinal perspective.  The work attacks the Arians and denies the existence of three persons (hypostaseis).  Such a view conforms precisely to Marcellus’ teacing, these scholars claim.  R.P.C. Hanson, however, denies Marcellan authorship.

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