Reference numbers Doc. 13a
CPG 2070
Incipit Ergo Filium genitum
Date ?
Ancient sources Two manuscripts: Vatican latin 5750 and Milan Ambrose E 147
Modern edition used Gustave Bardy. Recherches sur saint Lucien d’Antioche et son ├ęcole. (Paris: Beauchesne, 1936), p. 212.

Similarly also the Bithynian bishop Theognius to the bishop of Alexandria:

Therefore we say the Son is begotten, and the Son was never able to have been unbegotten. Since we know from the Holy Scriptures that the Father alone is unbegotten, <we worship him alone>; but we venerate the Son, because among us it is certain that this glory of his ascends to the Father.

And a bit further on, the same person writes:

And since he shows that the Father is greater than himself, it is certain that <the Father is God>, not only because of the creation, but because he is unbegotten.

Translation by GLT

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