Date: 311 (books i-vii) to 324 (book x)
CPG: 3495
TLG: 2018.002
Earliest ms.:
Text: E. Schwartz, Eusebius’ Werke 2 (GCS 9.1, 1903; 9.2, 1908; 9.3, 1909).
K. Lake, Loeb Classical Library 1 (1926), 2 (1932) with English Translation.
G. Bardy, Eusèbe de Césarée. Histoire ecclésiastique, 3 vols. [Sources chrétiennes 31, 41, 55. Paris: Éditions du Cerf, 1:1952; 2:1955; 3:1958 (repr. 3:1967)]: 1:3-215; 2:4-231; 3:3-120.The Latin version is saved by Rufinus, and versions in Syriac, Armenian, and Coptic exist.
English Translation: H. J. Lawlor and J. E. L. Oulton (ed), Eusebius. Ecclesiastical History and Martyrs of Palestine. Translated with introduction and notes, London: Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, 2 vols (1927-28) [1954].
R. J. Deferrari, Fathers of the Church 19 (1953); 29 (1955).
G. A. Williamson (Harmsworth: Penguin, 1965).
Averil Cameron and Stuart George Hall, Eusebius: Life of Constantine, Clarendon Ancient History Series. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1999).
The Loeb translation, mentioned above.
Notes: This work is traditionally dated much earlier, and is often considered to have been published in several editions (Barnes puts a first edition at 293 [Contantine, chapter 8, pp. 126-47]). But R.W. Burgess argues that it was actually written close to 313.  He argues that  the manuscript evidence shows no signs of an edition before 313.  See “The dates and editions of Eusebius’ ‘Chronici canones’ and ‘Historia ecclesiastica’.” The Journal of Theological Studies 48.2 (Oct. 1997), pp. 471-505.
Bibliography: Wallace-Hadrill, D.S.  Eusebius of Caesarea.  Westminster, Maryland:  The Canterbury Press, 1961.

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