Date: 307-309
CPG: 3476
Earliest ms.: Paris, BN lat. 12125 (9th century) foll. 3v-32v
Text: [Only Bk. 1 is extant, not in the original Greek but in Rufinus’s Latin translation; PG 17, 541-616 as well as René Amacker and Eric Junod. Pamphile et Eusèbe de Césarée Apologie pour Origène; suivi de Rufin d`Aquilée Sur la falsification des livres d`Origène: texte critique. (Paris: Cerf, 2002-) text pp. 32-278, French translation pp. 33-279; a fragment is also extant in Syriac, cf. P. Lagarde, Analecta syriaca [Leipzig, 1858], p. 64 ff. (under the name of Greg. Thaum.)]
English Translation:
Bibliography: Wallace-Hadrill.  D.S.  Eusebius of Caesarea.  Westminster, Maryland:  The Canterbury Press, 1961.

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