CPL 110
Date 355
Incipit Calcato capite
Ancient Source Now-lost manuscript at the episcopal archives at Vercelli, used by Baronius since which time it has disappeared
Modern Text Bulhart, Vincent, ed. Corpus Christianorum Series Latina, vol. IX. (Turnhout: Brepols, 1957), pp. 120.
Notes The Council of Milan urges Eusebius to make haste on his journey to Milan.


To our most honored lord Bishop Eusebius from Bishop Lucifer and the Priests Pancratius and Hilary:

As the devil’s captain is well-prepared and there are vicious reports, holy lord, we ask that you do not neglect the grace given to you by our Lord (I Tim. 4:14) but please hurry so that as quickly as possible you arrive and the teachings of the Arians might be put to flight. For the Lord and his Christ know that just as the name of God was glorified at the arrival of the apostles in the downfall of Simon, so once Valens is expelled at your arrival, the destructive treachery of the blasphemous Arians might be thoroughly destroyed.

We, most holy lord, from the first day we came to Vercelli right up until the present day have sought your piety, and we ask the Lord that in this church all the saints may praise a complete restoration and that they might accompany your spiritual strength with the praise owed. We believe this will be attained because we are confident that the suffering of the Savior is not able to be overcome.

Christ the Lord gloriously keep you, most holy and blessed one.

Translated by AJW

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