CPL 106
Date 354
Incipit Ego, clementissime
Ancient Source Vita Eusebii, edited by F. Ughelli
Modern Text Bulhart, Vincent, ed. Corpus Christianorum Series Latina, vol. IX. (Turnhout: Brepols, 1957), p. 103.
Notes Eusebius expresses his plan to set out for the Council of Milan.

Eusebius to Emperor Constantine Augustus.

1. I, O most merciful emperor, seeing that you are devoted to God and desire whatever is necessary so that a firm ecclesiastical peace might be preserved through the entire globe, have received your letter with joy. I have also received a letter from my brothers and fellow bishops in which they have deigned to inform me that I should send back to them, via those whom they had dispatched, my full reasoning [for not going to the council] and indeed I wanted to do what they wished.

2. But since I have not been able to give them the reason fully, and I ought to provide this for Your Clemency, I have concluded that it is necessary for me to prepare to come to Milan. Lord Emperor, when I come into your presence, I promise that I will do whatever is seen as just and pleasing to God.

May God watch over you, most glorious Emperor.

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