The following list is an alphabetical compilation of the writers found in volume two of Clavis Patrum Graecorum and in Clavis Patrum Latinorum pp. 1-269. We also include a few Syriac authors and one Coptic author.

There are several standard resources you may consult for more information about the authors in this list:
DiBerardino, Angelo, ed., Encyclopedia of the Early Church, 2 vol., trans. Adrian Walford (New York: Oxford University Press, 1991).
Drobner, Hubertus. The Fathers of the Church: A Comprehensive Introduction, trans. Siegfried Schatzmann; bibliographies by William Harmless & Hubertus Drobner (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2007)
Ferguson, Everett, Michael P. McHugh, & Frederick W. Norris, eds., Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, 2nd ed. (New York: Garland Publishing, 1998)
Quasten, Johannes. Patrology, 4 volumes (Westminster, MD: Christian Classics, 1950-53).

About the table:

Name Bishops are listed according to their see
c. circa, about
b. born
d. death
fl. flourished
p. papal reign
Affiliation theological tendencies of writers who have been labeled as non-orthodox.
Language The language in which the author’s writings have survived. An asterisk* denotes that this language is not the same language in which the author wrote.
Reference Clavis Patrum Graecorum or Clavis Patrum Latinorum numbers, which refer to work numbers, not page numbers, and include genuine and falsely attributed works. To see the genuine numbers only, click on the link above. JK refers to the numbers assigned to a Pope’s writings in P. Jaffé, W. Wattenbach, S. Loewenfeld, F. Kaltenbrunner, and P. Ewald. Regesta pontificum romanorumI (Graz, 1956).
Region the primary region associated with the author
NameDateAffiliationLanguageReference NumberRegionCities
Acacius of Caesaread. c. 366-GreekCPG 3510-3515PalestineCaesarea
Aetius of Antiochd. 366-GreekCPG 3445-3451SyriaAntioch
Aithalla Bishop of Edessafl. c. 324-346-Armenian*CPG 3340MesopotamiaEdessa
Alexander of Alexandriafl. 312-328-GreekCPG 2000-21EgyptAlexandria
Alexander of Lycopolitusfl. late 3rd centuryNeo-Platonist philosopherGreekCPG 2510EgyptLycopolitus
Ambrose of Milanc. 333-397; fl. 374-397-LatinCPL 123-83ItalyMilan
Ambrosiasterfl. Rome, late 4th century-LatinCPL 184-88Italy-
Ammon of Adrianoplefl. late 4th century-GreekCPG 2540Asia MinorAdrianople
Ammon the bishopfl. late 4th century-GreekCPG 2378Egypt-
Ammonasfl. mid 4th century-GreekCPG 2380-2393Egypt-
Amphilochius of Iconiumd. after 394-GreekCPG 3230-3254Asia MinorIconium
Anastasius of Romep. 398-401-LatinJK 273-84--
Anonymous-ManichaeanLatinCPL 727 , 727bNorth Africa-
Anonymous-PelagianLatinCPL 781a-82--
Anonymous Arian writersearly 4th centuryArianGreekCPG 2080-2085--
Anonymous - Book of Steps4th century-Syriac-Persia-
Anonymous Scythian monk--LatinCPL 654Ilyricum-
Anonymous Scythian monk--LatinCPL 664a-cIlyricum-
Anthony the Greatd. 356-Greek*CPG 2330-2348EgyptThe Desert
Antiochus bishop of Ptolemaisd. before 408-GreekCPG 4296-4297EgyptPtolemais
Aphrahatc. 270-350-Syriac-Mesopotamia/
Apollinaris of Laodiceafl. c. 350-370-GreekCPG 3645-3700SyriaLaodicea
Arian Fragments-ArianLatinCPL 704-06--
Ariusfl. c. 320-GreekCPG 2025-42EgyptAlexandria
Arnobiusfl. early 4th century-LatinCPL 93North Africa-
Asterius of Amasenus c. 330-c. 425-GreekCPG 3260-3261Asia MinorAmasenus
Asterius of Anseduna4th-5th century-LatinCPL 642aIlyricumAnseduna
Asterius the Sophistd. after 341-GreekCPG 2815-2819Syria-
Athanasius of Alexandriac. 295-373; fl. 325-373-GreekCPG 2090-2309EgyptAlexandria
Athanasius of Anazarbusearly 4th century-GreekCPG 2060-2061Asia MinorAnazarbus
Augustine of Hippo354-430-LatinCPL 250-388North AfricaHippo
Aurelius of Carthagebishop 391-430-LatinCPL 393-96North AfricaCarthage
Auxentius of Durostorlate 4th centuryArianLatinCPL 691GothicDurostor
Basil of Ancyrad. after 363-GreekCPG 2825-2827Asia MinorAncyra
Basil (the Great) of Caesareab. c. 330; fl 357-379-GreekCPG 2835-2928Asia MinorCaesarea
Boniface I of Romep. 418-422-LatinJK 348-65ItalyRome
Caelestiusd. after 431PelagianLatinCPL 767-70North Africa-
Calidius, deaconfl. early 5th century-LatinCPL 578-79Spain/
Candiduslate 4th centuryArianLatinCPL 680-81Italy-
Chromatius of Aquileiafl. 400, d. 407-LatinCPL 217-19ItalyAquileia
Coelestinus I of Romep. 422-432-LatinJK 366-388ItalyRome
Cresconiusfl. c. 405-411DonatistLatinCPL 216North Africa-
Cresconius4th-5th centuryManichaeanLatinCPL 727aNorth Africa-
Cyprian of Carthagefl. mid-3rd century-LatinCPL 38-67North AfricaCarthage
Cyril of Jerusalemc. 315-386-GreekCPG 3585-3618PalestineJerusalem
Damasus of Romep. 366-384-LatinJK 232-254ItalyRome
Dictinius of Asturgalater 4th centuryPriscillianLatinCPL 797Spain/
Didymus (the Blind)313-398-GreekCPG 2544-2572EgyptAlexandria
Diodore of Tarsusd. before 394-GreekCPG 3815-3822Asia MinorTarsus
Emeritus of Caesariafl. c. 394-425DonatistLatinCPL 713North AfricaCaesaria
Ephrem the Syrianc. 306-373-Syriac-Syria-
Ephraim, large collection of falsely attributed Greek writings--GreekCPG 3905-4175--
Epiphanius of Salamisc. 315-403-GreekCPG 3744-3807GreeceSalamis,
Eudoxius of Constantinopled. 370-GreekCPG 3405Asia MinorConstantin-
Eugenius of the deacon of Ancyrac. 370-GreekCPG 2810Asia MinorAncyra
Eunomius of Cyzicusd. c. 395-GreekCPG 3455-3460Asia MinorCyzicus
Eunomius the Apollinarian of Berealate 4th century-GreekCPG 3717MacedoniaBerea
Euodius of Uzalid. c. 426-LatinCPL 389-91North AfricaUzali
Euprepius Bishop of Paltuslate 4th century-GreekCPG 3440SyriaPaltus
Eusebius of Caesareac. 260/263-340-GreekCPG 3465-3507PalestineCaesarea
Eusebius of Emesac. 300-359-GreekCPG 3525-3543SyriaEmesa
Eusebius of Nicomediad. 340-GreekCPG 2045-2056-Nicomedia
Eusebius of Vercellid. 371-LatinCPL 105-11ItalyVercelli
Eustathius of Antiochfl. 324-331-GreekCPG 3350-3398SyriaAntioch
Eustathius of Sebastiad. 380-GreekCPG 2830PalestineSebastia
Euthalius the deacon4th century-GreekCPG 3640-3642possibly Egypt
or Caesarea
Eutropius, priestfl. c. 400-LatinCPL 565-67Spain/
Evagrius of Pontusc. 345-399-GreekCPG 2430-2482Asia MinorPontus
Faustinusfl. 380LuciferianLatinCPL 119-20ItalyRome
Faustus of Milevisd. before 400ManichaeanLatinCPL 726North AfricaMilevis
Filastrius of Bresciafl. 380s-LatinCPL 121ItalyBrescia
Firmicus Maternusb. Sicily, d. after 360-LatinCPL 101-03Italy-
Flavianus I of Antiochfl. 381-404-GreekCPG 3430-3436SyriaAntioch
Fortunat[ian]us of Aquileiab. North Africa, fl. mid-4th century-LatinCPL 104ItalyAquileia
Fulgentiusfl. c. 420-430DonatistLatinCPL 717North Africa-
Gaudentius of Bresciaearly 5th century-LatinCPL 215-16ItalyBrescia
Gaudentius of Thamugadafl. c. 420DonatistLatinCPL 715North AfricaThamugada
Gelasius of Caesaread. 395-GreekCPG 3520-3521PalestineCaesarea
Georgius of Laodicead. c. 360-GreekCPG 3555-3558SyriaLaodicea
Germinius of Sirmiumfl. c. 366ArianLatinCPL 685-87IlyricumSirmium
Gregory of Elviraf. 359-385-LatinCPL 546-551Spain/
Gregory of Nazianzus (the Theologian)b. 329/330; fl. 372-389-GreekCPG 3010-3125Asia MinorNyssa
Gregory of Nyssac. 335-399-GreekCPG 3135-3226Asia MinorNyssa
Hegemoniusbefore 350-Latin*CPG 3570Mesopotamia-
Hilary of Poitiersc. 315-367-LatinCPL 427-72GaulPoitiers
Honrius Augustusfl. c. 408-LatinCPL 579aSpain/
Abbot Horsieseafter 347-Coptic-Egypt-
Ianuarianusearly 5th century-LatinCPL 392North Africa-
Innocent I of Romep. 401-417-LatinJK 285-327ItalyRome
Isaaclate 4th century-LatinCPL 189-92Italy-
Jeromec. 347-420-LatinCPL 580-642Italy; Syria;
Jobius the Apollinarian4th centuryApollinarianGreekCPG 3730--
John Cassianc. 360-432-Latin-GaulPalestine;
John Chrysostom344/45-407-GreekCPG 4305-5197Asia MinorAntioch/
John II of Jerusalemfl. 387-417-GreekCPG 3620-3627PalestineJerusalem
JovinianRome, fl. c. 393PelagianLatinCPL 783Italy-
Julian of Eclanumc. 385-450PelagianLatinCPL 773-777aItalyEclanum
Julius4th centuryApollinarianGreekCPG 3720Syria-
Julius4th centuryArianGreekCPG 2075--
Julius of Romep. 337-352-LatinJK 182-206ItalyRome
Lactantiusfl. 305-323-LatinCPL 85-92-Nicomedia;
Trier; Constantin-
Laurentius of Novaefl. early 5th century-LatinCPL 644-45IlyricumNovae
Leporius, monkfl. c. 426-LatinCPL 515Gaul-
Liberius of Romep. 352-366-LatinJK 207-29ItalyRome
Lucifer of Cagliarifl. c. 355-360LuciferianLatinCPL 112-18ItalyCagliari;
Lucius of Alexandriafl. c. 365-380ArianGreekCPG 2535EgyptAlexandria
Macarius of Alexandriac. 280-374-GreekCPG 2400-2403EgyptAlexandria
Marcellus of Ancyrac. 280-374-GreekCPG 2800-2806Asia MinorAncyra
Marcian the asceticd. c. 385-387-GreekCPG 3885-3898Macedonia-
Marius Victroninusb. Africa c. 275, d. Italy after 363-LatinCPL 94-100ItalyRome
Maximinus, bishop of the Gothsc. 365 - c. 428ArianLatinCPL 692-702Gothic-
Maximus (II) of Turinfl. c. 451-465-LatinCPL 219bItalyTurin
Maximus of Afri[n]ca[t]inusearly 5th century-LatinCPL 484Gaul-
Maximus of Turind. between 408-423-LatinCPL 219aItalyTurin
Melitius of Antiochfl. 361-381-GreekCPG 3415-3425SyriaAntioch
Methodius of Olympusd. c. 311-Greek-Asia MinorOlympus;
Minucius Felixfl. c. 225-LatinCPL 37ItalyRome
Nectariaus of Constantinopled. 397-GreekCPG 4300-4301Asia MinorConstantin-
Nemesius of Emesafl. c. 390-GreekCPG 3550SyriaEmesa
Nicetas of Remesianafl. c. 400-LatinCPL 646-52IlyricumRemesiana
Novatianfl. mid-3rd centuryNovatianLatinCPL 68-76ItalyRome
Olympius4th-5th century-LatinCPL 558Spain/
Optatus of Milevisfl. c. 364-367-LatinCPL 244-49North AfricaMilevis
Orsiesius of Tabennad. 380-GreekCPG 2363-2371EgyptTabenna
Ossius of Cordovafl. c. 325-358-LatinCPL 537-40aSpain/
Pachomiusc. 292-347-Coptic/
CPG 2352-2358EgyptEgypt
Pacianus of Barcilonalate 4th century-LatinCPL 561-63Spain/
Palladius of Helenopolisc. 363/364-431-Greek-EgyptHelenopolis
Palladius of Ratiariafl. c. 379ArianLatinCPL 688DaciaRatiaria
Parmenianus of Carthaged. 393DonatistLatinCPL 711North AfricaCarthage
Pascentiusfl. c. 404-411ArianLatinCPL 703North Africa-
Pastor of Galleciafl. c. 430-LatinCPL 559Spain/
Paulinus of Nola355-431-LatinCPL 202-06ItalyNola
Paulus Orosius, priest of Bragad. after 418-LatinCPL 571-75Spain/
Pelagiusc. 350 - c. 429PelagianLatinCPL 728-66ItalyBritain;
Peter II of Alexandriafl. 373-380-GreekCPG 2515-2517EgyptAlexandria
Petilianus of Cirtafl. c. 400-420DonatistLatinCPL 714North AfricaCirta
Phoebadius of Agend. c. 393-LatinCPL 473GaulAgen
Polemonlatter 4th centuryApollinarianGreekCPG 3710-3713Syria-
Polychronius of Apamead. c. 430-GreekCPG 3878-3882SyriaApamea
Potamius of Lisbonfl. c. 350-360-LatinCPL 541-45Spain/
Primianus of Carthagefl. 393-411DonatistLatinCPL 711North AfricaCarthage
Priscillian of Avilad. 385PriscillianLatinCPL 785-96Spain/
Prosper of Aquitainefl. c. 410-450-LatinCPL 516-36GaulAquitaine
Prudentiusc. 348-410-Latin-Spain/
Pseudo-Hegemoniusfl. Rome, c. 400-LatinCPL 122Italy-
Reticus of Autunfl. Gaul, early 4th century-LatinCPL 77-78GaulAutun
Rufinus of Aquileiac. 345-411-LatinCPL 195-201LatinAquileia
Rufinus, the Syrianfl. c. 400PelagianLatinCPL 779Syria-
Secundinusfl. c. 400ManichaeanLatinCPL 725ItalyRome
Serapion of ThmuisEgypt, d. c. 362-GreekCPG 2485-2504EgyptThmuis
Severian of Gabalafl. c. 400-GreekCPG 4185-4295SyriaGabala
Severus of Minorcafl. c. 417-LatinCPL 576-577Spain/
Shenoutefl. c. 375-Coptic-Egypt-
Siricius of Romep. 384-398-LatinJK 255-272ItalyRome
Sufferings of the Donatist Martyrs4th centuryDonatistLatinCPL 719-24North Africa-
Sulpicius Severusc. 360-420-LatinCPL 474-77GaulAquitaine
Sympronia / Sympronianusend of 4th centuryNovatianLatinCPL 784Spain/
Abbot Theodorelatter 4th century-Coptic-Egypt-
Theodore of Mopseuestiac. 350-428-GreekCPG 3827-3873Asia MinorMopsuestia
Theodorus of Heracleiad. 355-GreekCPG 3561-3567Asia MinorHeracleia
Theodorus of Tabennac. 314-368-GreekCPG 2373-2376EgyptTabenna
Theognus of Niceafl. mid-4th century-GreekCPG 2070-2071Asia MinorNicea
Theophilus of Alexandriad. 412-GreekCPG 2580-2684EgyptAlexandria
Timothyfl. c. 362-385ApollinarianGreekCPG 3723-3726SyriaBerytus
Timotheus I of AlexandriaEgypt, fl. 380-385-GreekCPG 2520-2530EgyptAlexandria
Titus of Bostrafl. 362-371-GreekCPG 3575-3581SyriaBostra
Trifolius, priestfl. c. 520-LatinCPL 655Ilyricum-
Tyconiusfl. c. 400DonatistLatinCPL 709-10North Africa-
Ulfilas, bishop of the Gothsd. 383ArianLatinCPL 689Gothic-
UraniusNola, 431-LatinCPL 207Italy-
Ursacius of Singidunum and Valens of Mursafl. 335-370ArianLatinCPL 682-84IlyricumBelgrade
Valentinius the Apollinarianlate 4th centuryApollinarianGreekCPG 3732--
Valerian of Calagoritanusearth 5th century-LatinCPL 558aSpain/
Victorinus of PettauPannonia, d. 304-LatinCPL 79-84IlyricumPettau
Victricius of Rouend. c. 407-LatinCPL 481GaulRouen
Virgilius of Trentfl. 385-405-LatinCPL 212-14ItalyTrent
Vincent of Lérinsfl. c. 434-LatinCPL 510-11GaulLérins
Vitalis of Antiochlate 4th centuryApollinarianGreekCPG 3705Syria-
Zeno of Veronafl. Italy, 360s-LatinCPL 208-09ItalyVerona
Zosimus of Romep. 417-418-LatinJK 328-47ItalyRome

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