CPG 3673
Author Apollinaris
Greek Text Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule: Texte und Untersuchungen, 268-270.

Fragment 168: Godlessness does not shrink from fighting even after these things, but first it arms itself against the man’s blessed teacher. And he used to be stand as his advocate as a child for his father, then even against him it came to the succession of the bishopric. He made a great escape but was discovered in a godly way as also it was previously shown with divine demonstrations to the blessed man who put the bishopric into his hands that the succession will not be other than this. For he was called from this life, but already coming upon his departure he called Athanasius by name although he was not present. And when the person of the same name present answered the call, he kept silent towards him because he was not calling this one. But again he used the call. And when this happened many times, the one present was kept silent but the one not present was made clear. And the blessed Alexander spoke prophetically, “Athanasius, you think that you have escaped. You will not escape,” making clear that he was being called to the struggle.

Translated by AMJ

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