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Date 332/3?
Ancient Source(s) Athanasius, Ap. 64
Note Ischyras was a resident of Mareotis, a district of Alexandria, who pretended to be a clergyman. Athanasius charged his friends to prevent him from any further false preaching, at which point he joined the Melitians, who used him to spread slander about Athanasius. The following letter was written as an apology for his actions.

To the blessed pope Athanasius, Ischyras sends health in the Lord

As when I came to you, my Lord Bishop, desiring to be received into the Church, you reproved me for what I formerly said, as though I had proceeded to such lengths of my own free choice, I therefore submit to you this my apology in writing, in order that you may understand, that violence was used towards me, and blows inflicted on me by Isaac and Heraclides, and Isaac of Letopolis, and those of their party. And this matter, that of none of the things which they have stated, do I know you to be guilty. For no breaking of a cup or overturning of the Holy Table ever took place, but they compelled me by violent usage to assert all this. And this defense I make and submit to you in writing, desiring and claiming for myself to be admitted among the members of your congregation. I pray that you may have health in the Lord.

I submit this my handwriting to you the Bishop Athanasius in the presence of the Presbyters, Ammonas of Dicella, Heraclius of Phascos, Boccon of Chenebri, Achillas of Myrsine, Didymus of Taphosiris, and Justus from Bomotheus; and of the Deacons, Paul, Peter, and Olympius, of Alexandria, and Ammonius, Pistus, Demetrius, and Gaius, of the Mareotis.

Translation from NPNF2 vol. 4, p. 133-4

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