P. Jaffé and F. Kaltenbrunner, Regesta Pontificum Romanorum Ab Condita Ecclesia Ad Annum Post Christum Natum MCXCVIII, 2nd ed. (Leipzig 1885), 30.

The first edition of Jaffe-Kaltenbrunner used a different numbering system than the second edition, translated here. Extant letters considered genuine were listed in one numbering system, and letters considered false were listen in another. In the second edition of the Regesta, both genuine and spurious letters are included in one numbering system. An asterisk (*) indicates a letter no longer extant. A dagger (†) before a letter number indicates that the letter is considered false by Jaffe-Kaltenbrunner.

In addition, an Arabic numeral in parentheses following the letter number indicates the letter’s number in the first edition’s list of extant genuine letters, e.g., Letter 209 (40). A Roman numeral in parentheses following the letter number indicated the letter’s number in the first edition’s list of false letters, e.g., Letter †207 (CLI).

All information found within the chart, including parenthetical and bracketed information, is found in Jaffe-Kaltenbrunner. Any additional information will be found in the footnotes.

Date Place Letter Historical Event or Content of Letter Bibliographic Reference
Jan 18 He enters the pontificate “in the consulship of Nepotianus and Facundus on the 15th day before the Calends of February.” LC p. 637
Oct 24 †181 (cxxxviii) Doleo fratres et.”
He consoles Athanasius and all the bishops of Egypt living in evils. He sends a copy of the seventy chapters of the Council of Nicaea.
PS-IS p. 452;
MAN 2:1165;
PL 8:854
Oct 7 He dies “on the Nones of October in the consulship mentioned above,” after his pontificate lasted 8 months, 20 days. Jerome assigns Marcus 8 months. Depositio episcoporum: “On the Nones of October was that of Marcus in the cemetery of Balbina.” LC 1.1;
JER6 p. 192;
DEP p. 631

Bibliographic References:

DEP = Depositio episcoporum, in Mommsen, Roemische Geschichte (Leipzig, 1856)

JER6 = Chronicon in Eusebii Chronicorum libri duo, ed. Schoene (Berlin, 1866)

LC = Liberian Catalogue, in Mommsen, Roemische Geschichte (Leipzig, 1856)

MAN = Mansi, Conciliorum amplissima collectio (Florence, 1759)

PL = Migne, Patrologiae cursus complectus. Series latina.

PS-IS = Decretales Pseudo-Isidorianae et Capitula Angilrammi, ed. Hinschius (Leipzig, 1863)


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