Document: Against Vigilantius
Reference: CPL 611
Incipit: Multa in orbe monstra
Date: 406 (Kelly p. 286)
Earliest ms.: Karlsruhe, Germany: Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug.Perg.CV, f. 116’1-121’2. 8-9th century. (Lambert, II: p. 398)
Latin Text: Feiertag, ed., Hieronymus: Adversus Vigilantium, CChr.SL vol. 79C (Turnhout 2005).Migne, Contra Vigilantium Liber Unus, PL vol. 23, coll. 339-352C.
English Translation: S. Rebenich, pp. 105-118.W.H. Fremantle, “Against Vigiliantius” in NPNF2, vol. 6 (New York, 1893), pp. 346-415.
Notes: Discussed in Kelly, pp. 286-90.  Vigiliantius criticized the cult of relics, monasticism, fasts and vigils, celibacy, giving away all one’s money, and other things which Jerome held dear.  He had influenced some of Jerome’s friends in Rome against these practices as well.

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